How to Get Rid of Fever Blisters 

Home remedies are also the best to get rid of fever blisters. Using tea bags is recommended as it has antiviral properties. Ice also numbs pain and there is lots of evidence to reduce virus created.

Fever Blister is a term filled with yellow, transparent tinged fluid. Getting rid of fever blisters instantly is also possible by draining the resultant fluid. This leaves behind a flat, open sore that that people find it acceptable cosmetically, though the overall symptoms duration has no influence. Fever Blisters may not disappear at one time, but the healing process will reduce overtime.

Steps to Get Rid of Fever Blisters

Step 1: Wash the affected how to get rid of fever blisters area and your hands with water and soap. Minimize the scarring potential and avoid handling fever blister with hands. Clean it with cleanser and water.

Step 2: Use paper towel and dry hands by patting the affected skin.

Step 3: Discard the paper towel into the waste basket.


  • In case you have nasty fever blisters, take a vitamin, Lysine, so that the lifespan is shortened.
  • If there is a prom or important meeting around the corner, use hydrogen peroxide to get immediate rid of fever blisters. However, remember not to use over and again, as it may be scarring.
  • You require a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and cotton swabs to dip in the solution. This may sting on applying to your fever blister, but this is a rare experience. The fever blister starts to turn white and fizz once it gets rid of all bacteria. On completing ensure you thoroughly rinse the area.
  • Note that most pharmacy and grocery stores sell medicines over the counter and these also help in eliminating fever blister, the swelling and pain discomfort. They do not leave any scar and start to heal.

Reducing the severity and duration of an outbreak is possible by applying damp tea bag on the affected area. Keep it three or four times and for 10 minutes a day. You can also apply ice pack for 15 minutes or thick lemon balm (available at medical shops) to the affected area.