The sore throat is a common condition that can happen in any season. There are many causes of sore throat. It is a bacterial or viral infection. It can be due to clod, warmth or medical conditions and treatments for various diseases.

Sore throat illness is common among adults and the children. Although they appear to happen mostly in the winter season. But people can get the sore throats whole the round in any season, when they fall ill or overused the voice.

Here are the foods that can treat the sore throat:


People who suffer from a cold or the flu usually prefers chicken noodle soup feel better. The Hot soup includes the chicken noodles, black bean soups lentil soup and some healthy soups which can ease the sore throat. The salt that is found in most of the soups, the canned soups, can what to eat when you have a sore throat really ease the sore throats and decrease the mucus amount in the throat. Its warmth could also soothe the sore throat.


The honey helps in soothing the sore throats by covering the throat and reducing the pain. Honey can be added to tea or the oatmeal and it can be eaten with some food. For instance, Baklava is also mostly spongy Middle Eastern dessert that can be bought for curing sore throat. It has an abundance of honey coating.


The Yogurt is a fine food choice to cure a sore throat since it is cool and tasteless. According to the research that people should opt for bland foods such as yogurt with sore throats. They should avoid acidic foods like oranges and tomato sauce that might be disturbing to the throat. Yogurt is malleable therefore slides down the easily.


The American Cancer Society suggests ice cream to manage the sore throat since it is soft, creamy and cold. A simple ice cream flavor such as the chocolate or the vanilla would be perhaps a better option than a pecan praline flavor which might have the little pieces of the nuts. The pointed pieces of the nuts could irritate, however the smooth ice cream would always a good alternative for treating a sore throat.